12 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Recipes!

Posted by Eleni Prokopeas on Dec.14, 2008

Have you had a green smoothie yet? Here are a few recipes I have collected and tried through the years to get you started.

By experimenting with different combinations, you will be able to come up with something that you and the whole family will love. You’ll even have an easier time getting your children on board to adopting a healthier diet.

Morning Smoothie collards spring greens raw cacao nibs frozen blueberries apple maca scoop of hemp protein

Kale and Spinach mix
I mix Kale or Spinach with blueberries. Kale or Spinach with melons, Kale or
Spinach with kiwi and grapes and fresh squeezed orange juice.
I also had kale with melon, pineapple, grapes, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Divine!

1 handful of fresh organic spinach
1 stalk celery (Optional)
1 or 2 sweet yellow filipino mangos
enough water to blend into a smooth smoothy!  Yummy!

Try adding some herbs, too! I LOVE parsley–it’s so healthy and cleansing. So yesterday’s smoothie had spinach, kale, arugula, parsley, and basil. I added three very small peaches, the juice of half a lime, and a banana. It was really yummy!

1 bunch red dandelion
1/2 small small watermelon
6 strawberries
1 cup of grapes

1 bunch dino kale
2 oranges
6 strawberries
1 cup of grapes

1 bunch green kale
1 pint strawberries
3 small peaches
2 cups water

6 peaches
2 handfuls of spinach leaves
2 cups water

4 apples
½ lemon juice
5 leaves of kale
2 cups water

4 ripe pears
5 leaves of kale
½ bunch of mint
2 cups water

1 cup strawberries
2 bananas
½ bunch romaine
2 cups water

2 mangos
1 handful edible weeds, (lambsquarters, stinging nettles, purslane, etc.)
2 cups water

One half small seeded watermelon, peel and all ( amazing by itself actually! )
10 strawberries
1 bunch spinach
1 cup water.

1 beautiful bunch of red dandelion greens
1 orange remove orange part of peel with knife, leave the white as it is high in calcium
1 mango
1/2 banana

I am hooked on green smoothies! I add different things, depending on what sounds good to my body each day. I haven’t been disappointed yet!

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Posted under Beverages, Drinks, Food, Nutrition & Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Smoothies.

Article By: Eleni Prokopeas

Eleni Prokopeas

Profile: Eleni Prokopeas is a mother of three wonderful children and happily married. She lives in Dallas, Texas. Eleni’s son was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old. Unable to find help for him in conventional medicine, she turned to alternative medicine and healed her son of autism by his 6th Birthday. Rather than accepting the diagnosis as life-long, Eleni asked, “Why are neurological problems becoming an epidemic for so many young children, especially boys?” and “How can I help my son reach his full potential?” After spending endless hours researching, reading, calling and asking questions, she has helped her son heal and move through the Autism Spectrum World. It’s because of this experience and passion she created This experience changed how she looked and lived her life. “I now know that with knowledge comes power and that we ALL have the power to treat and overcome anything. Eleni Prokopeas is a mother with a passion for sharing empowering information to help improve children’s health and the health of their parents. Eleni volunteers her time to serve as a consultant helping families with children on the spectrum, spending time with her three beautiful children and husband, creating healthy meals and juices daily, yoga and of course working on


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47 comments for this entry:
  1. John Walker

    I keep hearing about this stuff. Really interesting. I have looked online and found some other blogs that offer some information, but not as much as on this site. Your blog is definitely going in my subscription program!

  2. Kefir

    wow these are great recipes! thanks for sharing them. i wonder, though, if i can add kefir in them. i like adding kefir in my smoothies because it’s just so healthy! i know my day is already complete once i have my kefir drinks!

  3. Jane McDermott

    I was googling purslane recipes and I found your site. I too am trying to heal my son of autism. I am new to raw food eating. Eleni, now that you say your child is healed of autism, can he or she have wheat or dairy? Or do you avoid those altogether if you are a raw foodist?

  4. Peggy Glotzbach

    Eleni…I am so inspired by your story….my kids, 3 & 5, are having increasing health problems (ear infections, eczema, allergies, now bronchitis and asthsma)the older they get and the worse that they eat. I breastfed both for around 18 months, and they were such healthy kids the first few years of their lives.
    But now, about a month ago, I knew that I needed to do something drastic, so I started with myself. I have been eating 90% raw for about 30 days and feel great, and I keep looking for more green smoothie recipes.
    So thank you for the great recipes…yours seem really simple, healthy, and doable!!! Many blessings to your and your family.

  5. virginia walker

    I am just getting into going green and raw. I was looking on line at greensmoothiegirl .com. Love the site, but not the price of information. Thank you for posting some recipes for me to start with. I have a grandson with Autism, very low on the spectrum. We have really solved a lot of his prolems through diet, but I now want to introduce my family to the world of green and raw.
    Virginia Walker

  6. Patrick Snow

    Thanks for the green smoothies. My Son has been diagnoses as having Mild autism. Hopefully these smoothies will help him get the vitamins he does not get now as He hates anything green…What are your children’s favorites?

  7. Debra

    How many calories in a basic green smoothie

  8. Green Diva Mom

    My kids like spinach smoothies, I try to add what I can find fresh, organic and in season… berries work and taste great together.
    Another option is mango, bananas and a type of green (I like red chard), add stevia if you want it sweet.
    My kids’ favorite is Strawberries-Banana-Spinach.
    Start with a mild taste, more fruit less greens, as they kids grow to like the smoothie… add more greens.
    Another trick, have your child sit on the counter and help you make it, start with fruits he loves and expand your selection in time.
    Eleni from Green Diva Mom

  9. Pat

    These starter recipes look great, but I don’t have children at home and would hate to waste expensive raw fruit and veggies - any recipes for one glass at a time? thanks

  10. Rebecca

    Hi Green Diva Mom. I was just wondering which recipes use a blender and which use a juicer? For instance, the StrawberryBananaRomaine, presumably you juice the lettuce and strawberry first? And then blend with the banana? Or are they all supposed to go in the blender?

    Would be really useful to know which appliance to use for which smoothie, and which use a combination of the two…

  11. Arvilla Franzetti

    Interesting, thanks for that. My son has a terrible aversion to eating raw fruit , so I make it into smoothies for him and then he loves it! I also found some great smoothie recipe here and thought I’d share - lots of other great ideas there.

  12. Raederle

    I agree with what Rebecca said: “Would be really useful to know which appliance to use for which smoothie, and which use a combination of the two…”

    Aside from that though, excellent green-drink list. Great ideas and inspirations. :D

  13. jennifer alessio

    Please let me know what type of smoothies I could give my 24 yr old daughter who is in a wheelchair permanently due to the flu shot. The diagnosis is traumatic brain injury she states and has been this way for 4 yrs due to a mandated flu shot from her employer.

  14. Vita mix 5200 obsessed

    I’m SUCH a big fan of green smoothies. I have made the mango spinach one before but I add blueberries, raspberries and parsley because there’s so many vitamins in it.

  15. Calli

    I would definitely look into chelation therapy, and do research on reversing this.

  16. sarah

    One of the main causes of autism is the mercury-filled vaccines and booster shots. But doctors and those in the medical field won’t tell you that. Good to know autism can be reversed with patience, knowledge, and love!

  17. Leah

    Can I Just Use Spinach and How Many Calories do most of these Have?

  18. cheryl ferrari

    Would love to know which to use for smoothies, blender or juicer?I love the sounds of the combinations.
    Thank You

  19. Viki

    I’m very interested in the green smoothies and my question is: how much do you start off drinking? In other words, how much is too much? I notice the recipes make quite a lot. Can they be refrigerated?

    I’m also intersted in knowing more about “healing” autism. My granddaughter is said to have autism, but it appears to be very mild marked by delayed speech — unless there’s something else I’m not seeing. If anyone can PM me, I’d appreciate it. I’m at

  20. Dan


    Yes you can just use spinach. A fantastic green smoothie is as follows:

    Frozen Banana broke in half.
    1 cup seedless grapes.
    2 or 3 big handfuls of spinach leaves.
    1 cup water.

    Vitamix to blend it up. Delicious! If you want to make it more a meal replacement you can add a good spoonful of RAW ALMOND BUTTER.

    You can play with the Spinach Smoothies. Sometimes I use frozen banana and frozen mango. Sometimes I use frozen banana and pineapple. There are so many options. has some great green smoothie recipes too.

  21. Marisol Pons

    Can I mix celery, romaine lettuce, cilantro, parsley, brussel sprouts, carrots and apples all together?

    Can I add more fruits and vegetables.

    I don’t lie vegetables, but I find that if I juice everything together it tastes better and I can have 1 large glass every morning.

    However, someone told me that mixing all this together may actually nutralize enzymes. I may not get the nutrients they all have.

    Is this true?

  22. Anne

    It’s best to use a blender for green smoothies — all the fiber stays in. See Victoria Boutenko who started green smoothies!

  23. Ronda

    wow so delicious. I love fruit and vegetable. It is a great gifts from god.

  24. Sam

    Nice list. Are they in order of best to worst in taste or just random? Also, have you tried adding a tsp of cayenne to any of the recipes? I didn’t want to try it and waste a smoothie if you’ve already tried it and its horrible.

  25. Sam

    Also, I heard it was wrong to mix fruits and veggies together. Do you have any thoughts on that?

  26. Esther

    I was just searching for green smoothie ideas and came across your recipes and can not wait to try them! I have worked with families with kids on the Autism spectrum for years and will share your information with them. Thanks so much and big CONGRATS on your successes with your son!

  27. Lilian Lo

    I’ve been such a big fan of green smoothies for this past 2 weeks together with my 2 year old girl! She enjoys and look forward to putting the ingredients into the blender with me !

    Having said that, I have a doubt as well.. I ‘ve just spoken to a chinese doctor about this and he told me his only concern is with the possibility of not cleansing them well enough that leads to pest’s egg.. And might hatch inside our body . There’s an incident in Singapore about a lady’s tummy filled with live insects and eggs which can only be killed under high temperature.. Now in worried.. Should I ?

  28. Vicki

    Smoothies are make in a blender. Juice is made in a blender. Does this clear the issue for some of you? Also, you shouldn’t combine most vegetables with fruit, but green smoothies are made with leafy greens and not necessarily vegetables. Also, ROTATE! and don’t only use one type of green!!

  29. Vicki

    I meant to say JUICE IS MADE IN A JUICER!!

  30. Mr. American X Factor

    I hadn’t seen this info before. You learn something new every day. Thanks.

  31. led strip

    Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Cool.

  32. Yvonne

    Hi there, my story sounds similar to Eleni’s. I have an 8 year old on the spectrum, PDD-NOS was his diagnosis finally at 6. I have also dedicated years to research and trying different nutritional interventions. He is currently symptom free! Green smoothies are a big part of that. Looking forward to trying some variations you have in here, thank you!

    In my experience, autism is not so much CURED (permanently) with diet, as the symptoms are not present when the proper diet is identified and followed for the individual with autism. The nature of autism seems to be that the body can not detoxify itself normally. What is toxic to the individual’s brain can vary due to eating habits, brain allergies and environment. For us it involved removing dairy, regular exercise, adding daily smoothies, and a weekly clay bath. We also removed all packaged food. In a nutshell, this was what made our son’s symptoms go away. Good luck everyone, it is quite a journey! CDNSKMOM

  33. popup script

    It’s in reality a nice and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Jessica

    Hi! Don’t know if I missed it, but are these recipes to be used in a juicer? Or can I use my blender?

  35. Roy

    Top scoop. I enjoy the way you write . I just bookmarked your page and Ill make sure to check in regularly.

    Feel free to write me if you have some exclusive information on this topic. I’d like to hear from you,

    best regards

  36. microsoft

    That is a superb learning resource, and one i always totally trust will work, We’ve taken the time to try and do the initial batch against your list then again 2rss would not allows me to sign-up; it is constantly informing us it can’t connect…

  37. Lon

    for the challenge do you only drink the smoothies and nothing else?

  38. Siobhan Landis

    Great suggestions for green smoothies. I’ve been having them for years, and have a number of favorites, but it’s always good to hear about more.

    One of my favorites is posted on my site - super high in fiber, and protein, and antioxidants…

  39. Green Smoothies

    Hi Eleni! Great list of green smoothie recipes here! Glad to see others on the same mission :-)

  40. The Best Juicers

    Thanks for the smoothie recipes. I’ve been thinking about getting into juicing for a while and am just beginning to learn about it. Your recipes sound great and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you’ll post more articles.

  41. Breville juicers

    Thanks for this post. I undoubtedly accept as true with what you may be saying. I have been talking concerning this subject lots lately with my father so hopefully this can get him to envision my point of read.

  42. personal trainer

    I have been exploring for a bit for any high-quality articles or weblog posts in this sort of space . Exploring in Yahoo I finally stumbled upon this website. Studying this information So i’m glad to exhibit that I’ve an incredibly good uncanny feeling I came upon just what I needed. I most undoubtedly will make sure to do not overlook this web site and provides it a glance on a relentless basis.

  43. karen

    I am no nutritionist but I can’t see why mixing fruits and veggies should take away nutrition. When they go in your stomach they are mixed together. I mean if I eat a banana then have a salad at the same time I don’t think it changes the nutrition you get. Am I wrong? I don’t see how????

  44. julie


    The problem happens when you mix root vegetables or other starchy veggies like broccoli with fruit. It can cause gas, heartburn, and the enzymes in the fruit and veggies can cancel each other out. HOWEVER, mixing greens, like the salad greens you mentioned, with fruit is a good idea, from an absorption point of view. Leafy greens can aslo be eaten with veggies– or any other food. But try to eat fresh fruit (or green smoothies) 40 minutes apart from anything else, besides leafy greens.

  45. Rainy Kaye

    I’ve been on the look out for some simple, tasty green smoothie recipes to get started. This is exactly what I was looking for, so thank you!

  46. Green Smoothie Recipes

    Thanks so much for these lovely recipes. I’m always looking for new recipes as my whole family drinks green smoothies daily.

    Thanks for your inspiring story about your son’s transformation. I too healed myself of chronic fatigue syndrome and many other health problems that prevented me living a normal life. I’m now healthy and energetic and have a change in diet to thank for that.

    I have a collection of green smoothie recipes here that have easy to find ingredients:

    Many thanks


  47. Marlene

    Good blog you have got here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours nowadays. I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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